Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hope Floats...I heard that

After having three nights in a row that I have slept soundly, things have begun to make some sort of turn around. I got a call from my student counselor today and we had a pep talk...or rather she gave me a pep talk. She wants to know exactly what my situation in after I see Dr. L on the 27th. I assured her though, that I felt I was getting remarkably better.

I found a job listing of where I want to work and spent the day working with my professor polishing my cover letter and resume. Can you believe a college prof would do that?

Last week sure had some bleak moments and I can feel the movement of an upswing now. I've heard the saying that *Hope Floats*. Well hope sure does help float me up.

That's my boring report for now.
Tomorrow the road tubes go into the driveway. Oh what fascination!

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