Friday, August 10, 2007


I had a terrible night sleeping but it wasn't because of any pain. Just weird dreams.

I dreamt about werewolves.
Now where did that come from?
I dreamt I was in a tunnel or cave with Badger and Morris and had to save someone. I cut up pieces of my riding chaps and tied them on Badger's feet so he wouldn't make any noise.
We had such a long tunnel or cave to go through. I wasn't really scared, just was doing it.
Somehow I felt the urgency of getting through that tunnel or cave. I knew if we got to the other end everything would be okay.
I must have awakened many times last night, but each time I fell back to sleep I was trying to get out of that tunnel.

I'm thinking, I best get back to riding! I'm having strange dreams about it now!
Maybe I need a dream analyst too!

Well it is Friday and that means the weekend is here.

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