Saturday, August 11, 2007

Into the night...

Released to ride. It surely didn't take me long to get back up in the saddle.
First thing we saw when we came up and out of our valley was a gorgeous bright red young buck with a nicely shaped fork horn. He stood and watched us from a short distance.
I just sat on Badger and enjoyed. After a few flicks of the tail he walked off into the woods and we went on. We sat in the sultry evening air and watched the sun set while the crickets sang to us.
I felt whole again. So much of me had been missing without my freedom to ride.

In fact one may not think it is possible, but as I rode I sat straight and let my arm swing in time to Badger's sway and step. It was like a miracle massage to those 'angry' muscles in my shoulder.

And this morning while doing my exercises...I was able to go even farther on my own.
Incredible ...

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  1. I'm beyond thrilled for you. *hugs* So glad to see you back in the saddle again. :)