Thursday, August 30, 2007


This afternoon I took a quick hike to the back portion of our pasture woods to see how they faired through last week's ugly storm. People are calling it a Once in a Life Time Storm around here now. I hope they are right.
As I stood near where we once had a fence and looked down into the quiet 'dry' run creek, I wondered, where on earth did all that land go? I looked up at the surrounding woods and wondered, how could this small section of land get so devastated. They say it was straight winds. Do straight winds twist trees, split them, wrench them out of the ground in every direction?
Down in this section of woods, the trees are warped, twisted, and tortured. These were the only words that came to mind when looking at them in the late afternoon sunlight.

Then I looked down and there it is. This fungi growing eagerly on a fallen tree. Nature is already starting to regroup. For some reason or another, finding this made me feel much better as I headed back home.
This section of wooded pasture won't be useable for quite a while, but it will regrow. I saw a two inch oak tree seedling and thought to myself. Now the big OLD trees are gone, giving this seedling the sunshine it needs.
Oh yeah, you have to find something wonderful in even bad things.

I just wish Mother Nature would tell me in advance when she wishes to redecorate.

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