Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stormy day, again...

Big storms again this morning! Thundery boomers, lightening flashing, rain coming in sheets...seems this is a weather pattern and I cannot wait for it to end. Of course it is good for the fungi growing in the woods.
I'm hoping tonight to capture Fred and take him for a ride. If not, Badger will do just fine.

I made it to PT early today but was late getting out. Wow Kim did a job on me, she is a tough PT gal! I'm sure she'll be reporting to Dr. L. on my progress tomorrow morning. I think I am doing better except for the shoulder does not want to move on its own independent of the scapula. Plus the 'tennis elbow' pain fired up this morning with PT.
When Kim tried one of her stretch manipulations this morning ... I literally came up off the table. I was sure she broke my arm ... she felt bad and says I sure am a difficult 'case' and I've got her thinking! I like her, she doesn't let me wimp out EVER! She is also very much for me riding. Good gal.

I'm relishing the ice packs I brought in the cooler from home. Ahhhhhh.

I actually got some orders on my cards that I made and posted on Flickr! Dang, I could make a few pennies. Does that make me a professional photographer then?

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