Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Clean up and Sick Water

Yep we have 'sick' water. 4 days without power to the well and seepage from the ground have made us sick. Hopefully we won't get any sicker from it. We have to disinfect the well with bleach water then send a sample into the state.
The health dept. has said don't even boil it. Just find a source of fresh water.

Both of us began exhibiting stomach problems and headaches...I just called the clinic and am awaiting for a nurse to call us back. Man this is one more nightmare to overcome isn't it?

Of course being a tough old lady, I think I'll be able to fight this off, but I am worried about my sweetie...the guy I depend on for working farm machinery and the chainsaw.

On a happy note, we have sunshine and beautiful skies for the next week! We are contacting some pulp wood companies and our name was put on a county wide list for FREE Firewood.
I sometimes wonder if someone isn't testing my fortitude.

Oh for a laugh go HERE, for a youtube video on our Grandson having a good time.

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  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Oh no! What next!?!! You guys are tough and can get through this inconvenience with bravado I'm sure.

    Cute video. Richard is a good grandfather.