Saturday, August 18, 2007

How to not be a plumber...

So the faucet was leaking. Solution? After 6 months of annoying drip drip dribble dribble...hubby decides to take it apart and 'fix' it. I suggested a NEW faucet perhaps? Nope, can fix the old one.
While we are at it, the drain is slow so let's take this apart too! Oh, the drain seems fine, so let's take the plumbing out all the way down and clean the trap out. Hmmm, cleaned the trap, cleaned the drain, mostly stopped the drip from the dribble.
But then it got to be late. As in I'm tired, we don't want to work on this late.


I came home last night and things were put back together. Great, a real shower instead of a kitchen sink shower...wash up...sort of deal.

Imagine my dismay as the water drained out slowly and then stopped. And the faucet went drip drip drip dribble drip.

Hubby said. Well something's not right, I put the trap in wrong, so I have to take it out again.

He's gone and I'm watching the rain that is forecast for the next 3 days. The weather service has advised that trees and hillsides will start slipping away because we are so saturated. I'm tempted later to don my rain gear and go play in the rain.
After all it is drip drip in here...may as well enjoy the dripping outside!

Tomorrow we get to practice plumbing again.
Perhaps I ought to get my husband to read this Blog: Do It Like A Woman

He could learn something. But that would be like 'reading the directions on how to put something together!'
That is the wonderful way with some guys.
What fun.

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