Friday, June 29, 2007

Just Another Friday

I can't decide if yesterday was a good or bad day. Right off the bat I did a not too smart thing. I was 'chatting' with my eldest boy on gmail and decided to hurry and fax something while he was replying.
As I turned into the fax/adjusting/patient room, I ran my upper thigh into the end of a very heavy non movable adjusting table...I pitched forward and reacting....stiff armed the desk so I wouldn't take a header into the very heavy wooden desk.
Next thing I know, I'm seeing stars and the pain in the right shoulder is so tremendous, I am sure that I am going to pass out. I hear the 'bling' in the other room--waiting room so I know that my son has replied.

I drag my sorry limping butt out to the computer, blinking back tears and trying to catch a breath...also trying to act normal as there is a person sitting in the waiting room.
I sit down to type...and I cannot bring my right arm up! I lift it to the key board and make a quick reply.

For two hours I was in agony.
But by the time I left to go home I was feeling great! No pain!

Hubby said the solution now is to run into things, trip and fall...and then have a happy day after the pain happens.

I thought it was funny when I got home, but really I was in a such a wonderful mood when I got home he thought I was the wrong ME!


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    WOW!! So do you think you dislodged some adhesions? Sudden physical therapy!? Ouch.

    Every day you're here and sharing is a good day for us all.

  2. Thanks, I don't know what I did!