Friday, June 01, 2007


Twin fawns 2
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This past weekend was absolutely one of the BEST! I got to see my oldest son and his wife, got to play with grandkids, got to go riding TWICE!
My second ride was the most awesome ride I've been on. Of course my DIL came along on Fred. We found twin newborn fawns hiding in the grass. I've still got a wonderous feeling [don't know if that is a correct word or not...but that's how I feel].

Yesterday I got THE call from the orthopedic office. Surgery is scheduled for July 27th. I think I'm in better shape for this time, last year my left arm was practically useless and so weak it was pitiful. I am losing strength but continue to exercise so that I will have a speedy recovery.
No endurance rides at all this year...bummer. But I am doing that to give me a chance to prepare both shoulders and the upper body for the stresses of a race. I'm so sick of injuries!

Tomorrow is my b-day. Looks like rain, but I may sneak in a ride anyway to celebrate. After all what is a raincoat for? Hikes in the rain are always fun too.

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