Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Working in the woods...

Even with the extreme heat, one of the favorite things I like to do is spend time with Mr. Farmer in the woods. We had more fencing to replace yesterday and worked hard at it. We replaced old electric wire with new and made a gate so the older gelding mules can go down into the area by the creek and graze in the *little* meadow.
Morris, the Ruthless, decided it was safer to supervise as much as possible from the safety of the pickup truck.
Mr. Farmer, got supervision by the gelding mules as he fixed a perimeter fence.
The heat was rather intense in the sun, but bearable back in the deeper woods.
Morris did accompany us back into the woods, but he seemed rather cautious and did not stray far from me. I'm sure he was keeping an eye out for that monster turkey.
He is such the protector.
Oh yeah.
We did get the fence finished! The geldings are happily clearing the woods as I sit here and type.

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