Thursday, June 14, 2007

The night of the fireflies...

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I know they are harmless, really they are. They just twinkle in the summer night and are fun to catch ... fun to watch. But NOT at midnight.

I awoke to Morris's deep throaty growl. Can a dog do a whisper growl? I think they can. A soft growl like that means...I don't want anyone to really know I'm growling...

After sushing him a few times, I finally got up and went to the end of the bed to peer out the window. The night sky was foggy, so there really wasn't much to see.
Morris insisted on it... his little body shook.

Oh okay, my bleary eyes peered out again. Then I saw them, the little dancing lights of the fireflies.
Try explaining to a JRT that it is just bugs? Not aliens, not the monster turkey...not anything at all.

Yep he was convinced that they surely must have been alien creatures flicking about just outside my bedroom window.

I can sleep safely now, knowing my dog will keep me safe from the evil fireflies.

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