Saturday, June 16, 2007

Curtains can be dangerous too...

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I don't know why I've been so amused by Morris's antics lately. They've sort of taken over my blog haven't they? Well he is a character and a constant source of entertainment. Hey, we don't have TV, so we have Morris.

Morris the brave JRT lay on the end of the bed sleeping on this hot summer night. He lay so the oscillating fan would cool him. People beds were so much nicer than his crate. He loved his people bed more than the couch. From this perch he could look out the window when he needed to and be close to his person.
He stretched and yawned, slowly waking up. His person was still reading, didn't she know enough to put that book down and get some rest? He didn't know how people did it! Hardly ever taking dog naps. Dog naps were critical to a dog, almost as important as rolling in nasty smelling stuff, or stealing a mule 'apple' much to the disdain of his humans.
Something wiggled the curtain. Oh no, not another monster!
He growled and stood at the end of the bed, ready to face the curtain off if it tried moving again.

It wiggled...he stiffened and growled. Oh this guarding thing was so difficult, one never knew where the next danger would come from. His person put her book down and watched him. Whew, at least she could be aware of the danger too now.
It wiggled...again. He growled louder now encouraged that he had 'her' for back up. Suddenly 'she' reached over and grabbed the curtain and gave it a mighty shake. Morris reacted quickly backing up with all of his short hair standing straight up.
He fell backwards off the bed.
His person laughed, then gently picked him up and showed him the curtain was no longer a danger. It was just wiggling from the fan.
Well embarrassment didn't keep him awake long or particularly bother him.
All was safe and all was well, he kept his spot on the people bed and once again made 'his' person laugh.

Being a JRT is a tough lot in life. But someone's got to do it.

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  1. LMBO! What a silly little fella! :)I'm sitting here cracking up thinking about how funny this must've been!