Monday, June 11, 2007

Pterodactyl Turkey

Mr. Farmer and Morris the Ruthless JRT were walking the pasture through the long grass when Morris came upon a setting wild turkey hen. The hen let out a huge squawk and burst out of the grass flapping her huge wings.
Morris the Ruthless
knew that this was no ordinary turkey, no...he knew that it was a distant cousin to the Pterodactyl family and would come back and rip apart him and Mr. Farmer. With three barks and a series of schreeching yips, he ran as fast as his little JRT legs would carry him back to the house. He knew that Mr. Farmer would come looking for him to bawl him out...this was a good plot you see, because Mr. Farmer had NO idea that the Pterodactyl Turkey would rip asunder poor Mr. Farmer.
His ploy worked as Mr. Farmer came back to the house and chewed Morris the Ruthless out for running from a simple turkey.
Morris was able to sleep soundly that night knowing that while Mr. Farmer thought he was a Chicken, that his actions had saved poor Mr. Farmer's life.

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