Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last thought for the day...

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I just aced my final in Medical Office and missed one point on my chapter test for this week in the Coding class.
I feel confident enough tomorrow to take on the Coding Final.

After all it is supposed to be hot and muggy and ... yucky.

Then it looks like I have a summer break!

Wee hawww!

The MRI came back with no damage to the disc bulge in my neck and it did show some damage in the shoulder -- but not a rotator cuff tear which would be awful.
So now the doctors are scratching their heads trying to figure out what in the world makes my hands hurt so bad and my wrists? They thought they had it pegged as carpal tunnel...then they thought
Ah hah! It must be damage to the bulged cervical disc.

I told them all along, shouldn't *we* be looking for something in my system that is causing this reoccuring inflammation? I mean only 2% of the female population get frozen shoulder in one side...less than 1% of those ever have another occurance! This means to me that something is going on somewhere in my body that needs to be addressed.
Words being tossed around now are ... some sort of rheumatoid inflammation, systemic problems...fibromyalgia...blood test...
I've only asked about these things for the past two years.
Well the saga goes on. BUT the good news is I don't have nerve root damage!!!

Read about it HERE. I know, but someone might want to.

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