Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Of some concern...

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My test results of the EMG came back negative. The pain in my [mainly] right wrist and fingers IS not carpal tunnel, the test came back negative.

However. There is always a however, isn't there? Last year when I had my shoulder surgery on the left side they did an MRI on my neck also. There had been a note about arthritis and a bulge that wouldn't be affecting my left side, but if anything,...it should affect the right side. Hmmm.

Randy the PA, said that he read further into the notes on the MRI of the neck and the bulge is pushing on the cord? Eh?
My choice, did I feel okay and not want to do anything? But when the CTS came back negative, he felt there could be some involvement in the neck. So there you go.

I said, well since you have to MRI the right shoulder for Dr. L anyway, can we just include the neck and see?
So my mysterious pains and clumsiness may get explained after all, but I'm not so sure I really want to know.

However the damage--bulging--herniated disc---whatever!!! The symptoms are fairly common to what I've been going through for a while now. And it has been getting worse.
Of course after an MRI is done then I'll know.

Well now, all those times over the past two and a half years, I've said repeatedly...*Is there something else that can be causing this?* I don't blame anyone at all though, just would be a relief to know what is going on.

Link about it here, in case anyone really cares.

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