Friday, September 01, 2006

Imagine my surprise....

Well you are probably tired of this by now but I just have to explain how strange it is to have someone walk up to you in a grocery store and tell you that they saw your 'dad' on TV last nite.
Of course the History Channel had a small segment and some snippits from the interview my nephew did with Dad a few days before he died was included.

You should have seen the woman's face when I explained that my dad, Tom Rogers was dead [should I say deceased?--heck I don't know which is politically correct]. She said that he looked alive to her!

Okay, so like I went into the canned food isle and starting throwing Starkist Tuna cans at every shopper.

I didn't.
But I thought about it.

I find myself wishing I still had some of those 'dumb' things dad brought home. Today I acquired the Pillsbury Doughboy doll [one like I put in the closet]--at a rummage sale. I apologized to him profusely. He'll now have a special spot near my computer where he can oversee what I do.

Heck, I did name my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier: Morris the Cat. Yep, I put it on his registration papers. I wanted to name him Charlie the Tuna, but hubby said he looked more like a Morris.

Thanks dad, once again you tickled my funny bone.

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