Thursday, September 28, 2006

All that remains

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I took a long walk when I got home yesterday to clear my head of 'databases', moodiness, and to get those body parts moving. Morris, the brave, came along and hid behind me when squirrels scolded him.
Brave dog.

I went back to where I'd found a deer that had died last winter and was pleased to find a nice clean skull. One more treasure to add to the outhouse decor.

Of course carrying it back through the woods was not bad. It was just when I set it down and forgot to pick it up again that there was a problem. I didn't want the mares to crush it by walking on it, so I ran through the woods all the way to the creek bottom wondering where in the devil I'd left it.

Smarty pants. I took out my little digital camera that is strapped to my waist in a carrier... and paged through the last few photos.
Then I remembered where I'd left it.

Oh it was a long long climb back up the hill, I ran when I could ... actually jumping logs and having a blast. As a matter of fact, I didn't even feel bad or hurt anywhere!

In fact I felt wonderful and very pleased with myself.

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