Saturday, September 09, 2006

A day without sunshine!

Here it is Saturday and I just turned in my first assignments and took my first test. Ariel is staying over, it is cold, rainy, and yucky.
Dang we had to turn our heat on today!
I hope this is not what is going to be the start of a long cold winter.

Thursday I escaped on Badger for a couple of hours of riding PeeWee's land. It was picture perfect gorgeous. We went down into the back valley. At one point Badger had o jump a downed tree...
totally cool, I loved it. We cantered and galloped, trotted and weaved ... and just generally had a blast.

Yesterday I had Morris in at the vet for an 'ER' visit. Morris has been coughing so hard that he was well -- getting sick. Doc thinks it is 'seasonal' which may mean he has allergies? Oh goodness a dog with allergies. So he put Morris on Prednisone [steriods]! He seems much more comfy now.

Tomorrow it looks like we'll be riding with the 'kids'...I hope. Then it is on to week #2 of school which I hope to get a start on Sunday nite. I wonder why so many of my classmates are having such a hard time with these two simple assignments?

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