Monday, September 18, 2006

High in the saddle again!

High in the saddle again
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Here are the stats.
25.9 miles in 4 hrs and 9 minutes. Average speed: 6.3 mph.
15.6 miles in the first leg with a speed of 6.87 mph
10.3 miles in the second leg with a speed of 7.24 mph

Vet checks:
All A's
[impulsion, attitude, muscle tone, heart rate, respiration, soundness, gut noises, no soreness...]
What does that all mean? It means we rode well, we did well. We finished and that means~
We won.

Especially since I had shoulder surgery on June 23rd and on June 24th it was a superhuman effort to lift that left hand above my waistline.

See where that hand is now? Hard work on my part and Badger's part --- we accomplished an awesome goal.

And THAT is what it is ALL about.

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