Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crickets sing...

I had an interesting Labor Day. I went out in the morning to hike in the light rain and look for fungus to take pictures of.
I found a 'ground bee' nest. Since Morris the dog and I didn't disturb them [I tied Morris up]--I was able to observe them and wished to heck I'd had my long lens on my camera!
In the afternoon we went for a drive and ended up at the Amish community in Cashton were we visited with Chrissy M. and his kids in his tack shop. We stopped by Lester's. His brother was there and when he said he had to go to a BBQ I volunteered to come along.
He gave us the time and directions. I was floored. But we didn't go and settled on winding our way home.

As evening settled I watched a beautiful sunset and listened to the evening grow quiet ...
and the crickets began to sing.
The moon rose.

And I smacked myself in the head with my hand...I'd forgotten my son's wedding anniversary!

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