Thursday, September 14, 2006

Busy Weekend

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Well here goes, I am heading to the Northern Kettle Moraine unit to ride my first LD [Limited Distance] Ride of the year.
I've worked so hard to achieve this goal. One non-invasive surgery on the left shoulder and then one orthoscopic surgery on the very same shoulder.
Horror of horrors, I had more than 4 weeks of summer riding that I missed out on. Hours of Physical Therapy, pain, frustration, anger, more frustration....
Until I demanded to go to riding, promising my surgeon that it would MAKE me do so much better.
I took to 'conditioning' Badger [my mule] by riding him every other morning before sunrise in the hills and timber near our home.

The sunrises were incredible and the sites were something else. I know next year that I will be using the same training!

Well happy hoofing.
Next post...I hope to tell you how I did!

To finish is to Win

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