Thursday, February 23, 2023

Winter Storm

Yesterday's storm for us wasn't as bad as it was in other places. We got about 4 or 5 inches of snow with a layer of sleet to top it off.

The birds were very active at the feeders despite getting pelleted by snow and sleet.

We had Gold Finches, Juncos, Sparrows, and Downy Woodpeckers visit.

Charlie and I took two walks to go out and explore the storm. In late afternoon, the township plow came through and cleared the road. Even though the winds were howling from the north, we were able to walk along the forest edge and stay protected.

I didn't envy the plow driver. Our township has over 70 miles of gravel roads to plow and care for. I can't imagine how difficult that job is. It was pretty funny as Charlie sat in the field and watched the truck do our dead end road.

Charlie, the Road Commissioner!

IF you are really bored during a snowstorm, you can look up your state's 511 site and click on cameras to watch traffic or snow plows. 
Oh that is where my package is! Delayed! 

I spoke with Olive yesterday evening. She said going to collect eggs at her place on the ridge was like an Artic Expedition with the fierce winds and blowing snow.

Down here we stayed pretty cozy but could hear the winds howling on the ridge above us. 

By late afternoon the freezing rain was getting with the program and I decided to get out one of my deer skulls and begin prepping it for a paint project. Seems that I am always getting assistance from some of my Little People friends.

By morning I was pleased to see my hired 'crew' working.

The heater saga continues and we've gone 4 days with two Space Heaters keeping us warm. 608 Dan did give us a call to let us know he ordered the blower motor for the fan. He sent us an quote for the Mini Splits also.

Rich was still a bit on the fence regarding that so Olive and Nathan asked if we'd come up for supper one evening and they could show Rich how a Mini Split works and what they think about it in their home.

This is turning out to be a rather expensive February for us, however that is the way things go.

At least we never lost power and we still have a warm house. 


  1. I am so glad your house is staying warm! It sure is blizzardy outside. Day two of cancelled schools by us. Hard for parents with young kids that can't work from home.

    Great skull photo!! Tack sharp & I love the stark white contrast against the dark black. I assume you used your new light box.

    I hope Rich says yes to your dinner invitation!! It would be so good for him to take a break from familiar walls and socialize. If he says no, have Olive ask him ;)

  2. Your last sentence says everything! And I was glad to read it.

  3. I agree, the last sentence does say it all. Charlie the Road Commissioner!

  4. Glad you are still warm. Hope that you get the mini split so you have another source of heat and of both worlds. I like your snow removal guys...they will be busy! :)

  5. So happy your home is still warm. Northern Ohio is crazy. My facebook memories show lots of snow drifts in years past, but yesterday was a sunny day in the high 60's! Somehow tonight it was in the low 20's by supper time, yet still no snow It has been an interesting winter.


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