Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Up and at 'em

The alarm rings and I grab for it. Some mornings of course I am awake before that 4:30 ding a ling.

I consider not getting up but then I remember the CrossFit thing I've committed myself to.
And I get up and smile through my first cup of coffee.

Some folks around me don't voice it but I'm sure they may be thinking...
"Has she gone daffy?"

During the WOD or workout portion of rowing, burpees, rope jumping, lifting, or pull ups [each workout is modified to my ability as a beginner...] ... I feel my parts saying NO NO! And my mind is saying please yes!

My workout mates gather around and cheer me on if I am doing something hard, or I find myself cheering another on, or helping him/her put things away or set them up.
I've found a clan of nutty people.

And suddenly that alarm is no longer intrusive in the morning, but awakens me with a smile.

And then when I do drive home...
I get these views...

And yes, I even do that early workout before driving to Madison for appointments.
Well, as long as the appointments for Rich aren't too early themselves. It is a 2 hr drive and I have to get him up and awake which is a job in itself.

This week is no piece of cake in the appointment department. But the all day endorphines seem to help.

Oh yes. I do give myself breaks. The other morning I slept in until 6:30. However my day felt off somehow.

Rich is doing okay. Speech Therapy is proving to be extremely frustrating for him and he can't let go of the fact that language and writing used to be so easy. And now some days it is impossible or he feels it is impossible.

Those mornings though are something else.

I have a purpose with each waking day.

I can handle the difficult issues that keep coming up each day with a bit of a better tempermant. This is why I get up and do CrossFit.

And ...
why not?
Tomorrow we get to RUN! OHHH my favorite!


  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Good for you doing something that you enjoy with the added bonus of a group of like minded people. You are inspiring me to do the same and get up and at um. :)

    1. I find it hard some mornings when I know I am not going to CrossFit! I have appointments to drive my hubby to today and it was so hard to get up!

  2. You go girl, I gave up running a long time ago! Appointments are the pits, we have lots of them too. It is hard to see someone you love struggle. :(