Friday, October 26, 2018

One Eyed Pink Bear

I've never been a Teddy Bear person. Until, well...this year.

So last Friday I was walking through Wally World and here was a clearance shelf of Teddy Bears. One bear looked like it was trying to escape. The pink Bears were SO not my color. The brown and white bears looked like Percy and Chance. I moved to see if there was another color behind the Pink bears and noticed one Pink Bear had only one eye.
Something said, "Grab it. How often can you get a one eyed bear?"

I walked away.

Yesterday morning after CrossFit I went to Wally World again to grab some cereal. With our insane schedule of doctors appointments, I'd been slacking in the grocery department.
Something made me walk back over to the clearance isle.

Most of the bears were gone. One Pink Bear sat by itself. And I thought, no...I don't need another bear. Really. Nope I don't.

So I picked up the bear and stuck it in my little basket. At checkout, the lady pointed out that the bear had only one eye.

I replied, "Perfect."

Let this Bear's adventures begin. I am acquiring a pirate patch for said Bear.

Welcome Pink Bear.


  1. Since she is pink maybe her name should be Patches:)

    1. LOL! I think she earn a name! Love the suggestion! Patches would be cute!