Monday, July 23, 2018


My husband is notorioius for not organizing his tools. He just drops them on a piece of plywood on top of a couple of saw horses.
Yesterday I need one tool as my project was to take apart the old picnic table that had rusted through.

After not being able to find what I needed, I started to unload the plywood and place it on the shed floor so I could see what we did have and didn't have.

I found screw drivers that I have thought I lost while fencing. Obviously they went back into the messy pile to be buried under debri.

When I asked hubby where he may have a 7/16 socket wrench ... he simply lay on the bed and said it was on the 'tool bench'. I said show me...he said, 'It is there.'

While searching [I never found the proper socket] I did find some other items of interest.

Broken things. Things of no use. They were also stacked on the 'table'. I sorted through some things and tossed them on the floor. I realized that I needed to find the tool I was looking for and not get sidetracked by the messy table.

I did find a 7/16 little hand wrench thingy... it worked. Along with a sledge hammer and a pry bar, I spent a few glorious sweaty hours dismantling the old picnic table.
I had to get creative as some of the bolts wouldn't unscrew, they were frozen in rust.

In the end I completed the task.

At one point Rich called out the kitchen window asking if I'd found the tools I needed. I motioned for him to come out and help.
He disappeared from the window but came back to the kitchen window and called out...

"You didn't mess up my tool bench did you?"
Ahhhh, I love how he thinks sometimes.

Mean old me. I pretended I didn't hear him and used the sledgehammer and the pry bar on a particularly difficult section. I then used bolt cutters to get the job done.

No cursing, no swearing, and no blood was spilled in the dismantling of the old picnic table. But one more job that had been on his list for over a year was now done.

I may get sidetracked the next rainy day and actually organize that horrid mess of a table. As of now, he has no interest in using it.
Getting him to leave the house is a monumental effort one I fight with every day.

However I should say he has fed the donkeys for two mornings in a row. I consider that an improvement.

Next up, the broken glider.
If I could only operate a chainsaw safely. All bolts on that are frozen/rusted solid.

Oh...what happened to those bits and pieces of 'saved' broken stuff? They went into my bucket of things toss away. I am cleaning up small bit at a time.

I have a full schedule for this week. But still plan on finding time for a couple of projects.

I imagine if I clean up the 'tool' table, it may come as a nasty shock to my husband.
I think I'll do it anyway. I'm still looking for that socket wrench.....


  1. Get yourself one of these battery powered chainsaws. They work great, are lightweight and are ultra easy to use.

  2. Men have strange sense of order, especially about their tools. Don't use a chain saw on anything metal, hack saw only.

  3. Hubby was against using a chainsaw to take these items apart, it was beneath his chainsaw anyway... well.
    A chainsaw for me will be in the works eventually as hubby can no longer do most of the 'man' chores around the house.
    The tools will become mine to use and will find themselves in a tidy order.

  4. I have to disagree with The Dancing Donkey about the battery powered chain saw. They have probably improved since I had mine but it was junk - in my opinion. It struggled to cut through a 1 inch limb. I gave up and used a handsaw, much quicker. I've used many chainsaws over the years and finally after a terrible storm went out and bought myself a really good one. What a pleasure to use, with Stabil in the gas tank it started easily and made quick work of the downed trees for myself and a friend. My caution is to get a helmet with a built in faceguard and ear protection. It was expensive to buy about 40 years ago but has served me well.

    A chainsaw is like anything else - easy once you know how to use it. :) Enjoy your day!

  5. Mary I have the face protector and the ear protection because of the weed eater. I have a nice chainsaw but need an experienced person to help me with that.
    I will take the long boards to my neighbor who loves to cut things up.

  6. I had an electric chain saw once it worked great! I have a sawsall that also works great it is battery operated. Our chain saw is real hard to start, I have a tree that needs to come down but it will wait for a son in law:) Tools...we have them all over too and they are on my list list is way too long. I am glad to hear Rich is getting out in the mornings...what ever would he do if you got sick:(

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