Sunday, July 08, 2018

The Moldy Graveyard???

A friend sent me a link in a text message about a place to go visit that was extraordinarily odd and different.

The Mold Graveyard. F.A.S.T. Corporation in Sparta. You can find more information at Atlas Obscura. An interesting site that can lead you to strange and interesting places to visit. This is one of those and I had no idea it was only about an hour away.

My friends from the Kenosha area were visiting and we decided go check out the Mold Graveyard ourselves. We had planned on going to LaCrosse and seeing the Riverside Gardens, but with Riverfest going on, we decided not to fight crowds and changed our plans.

Did I fail to mention the morning trip to town where we stopped at the Thrift Store and got silly?
Yes, I did., well...
more on that in another post...

We arrived at our destination and got out.

What an interesting place.

The sign for visitors said we were welcome to walk around and look at the molds stored in the large yard and take photos.

We got a bit creative and yes a bit goofy with our fun Thrift Store toys.
Here Amanda places her pink rubber ducky on a Duck mold.

My favorite find of the day was Big Boy. Do you recall the Big Boy restaurant chain? I do!

I found him, actually I found two sizes of him. His burger was on the ground behind him next to a 10 foot ice cream cone.

Here are a few shots from the 'Mold Graveyard'.

If I said I only took a few photos of the different molds, I'd be lying.

And I found this poor ice cream cone just sitting in the hot sun...

I think it was melting.

I do think this would be a fun photo trip in the winter or early spring when the weather is bleak and dreary.

And I think I found my retirement home.

You know. The Little Old Lady who lived in a Shoe?

It isn't a Moldy Graveyard. It is a place where old fiberglass molds come to rest and sometimes be reused. I loved it.

We sought out more odd places while the Kenosha Gang was here.
Stay tuned.


  1. What a great place to visit! I bet you all had a fun day! :)

  2. What a fun quirky place. My kind of museum!