Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Just work

I burned through half a tank of fuel in the weed wacker yesterday morning before I quit. It was getting warm and I was plastered with chunks of wet grass and weeds. 

So I changed into a pair of shorts and a lighter top and proceeded to start picking green beans until that got too warm too. I picked only a portion of what I should have picked but still ended up with nearly 3 ice cream buckets of beans.

I washed them and then set them on the porch to be snapped.

After lunch, Charlie supervised on 'his' rug while I snapped the beans.
He is such a good supervisor!

I blanched the beans and then set them in a strainer in the fridge to be vacuum sealed later.

I actually took an hour to myself and read a book until I fell asleep with Charlie on my feet on the couch. I figured it was a wise thing to do during the hottest part of the day.

I went out to do stock tanks and fell in love with the sky which was rapidly changing.
According the the NOAA weather, isolated storms were moving across the region.

I grabbed my Olympus camera and set up some Infrared Shots while I was waiting for the mule stock tank to fill with water.

I use a filter for the IR shots. The best photos in IR are from those cameras that have been set up just for that purpose.
I don't have cameras to spare just for that so I get along with a filter.

It does give the bright greens a different look and I left the pinkish hue in these shots on purpose.
Shooting IR is not easy and processing them properly is just as hard.

Most of my IR shots get tossed. I feel I am still experimenting.

This is the porch view of the sky yesterday afternoon when the isolated storm decided to move in. There was a lot of thunder but no rain. Sunday afternoon we had 1/2 of rain from one of the squalls.

Today we have an appointment for Rich to be evaluated for driving. He rarely drives any more and I will encourage the OT department to take into consideration the level of depression at this time too.
Perhaps they can evaluate him and then do a second eval in the spring.

I would hope that he be allowed to drive locally if he begins to feel better. The long drives are too tiring and even I am tired of them.

Big decision time. I have decided to go ahead and enter some photographs in the fair!

I'll let you preview them here. You can give me some feedback if you wish. I want honesty if you can!

Anyway, have a great day.

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  1. Can't wait to see what photos you are entering! It won't be easy to choose your best since you have hundreds!