Saturday, December 03, 2011

Being a Dog is Tough ~ by Morris

You can imagine the excitement I felt when SHE put on her .22 and grabbed her camera backpack!

I saw her stick a leash in her pocket and I knew...I tell you...
I knew
I was

...and we did too!
I found 'Poopsicles' and SHE didn't even freak out.
SHE just sighed.

I was the brave dog though. We got to the valley and I smelled something.
Something dangerous.
Something alive.
Something was OUT there.
So I puffed all up and growled deeply.
I woofed once and then ran and stood
bravely behind HER legs.

SHE does have the .22 pistol, you know.
I'm not stupid.

When we got back SHE said something like we'd hiked a mile according to her new GPS thingy.
SHE said I probably ran 2 or 3 at least.

No kidding.
All that stress of being look out and at the same time trying to make sure I 'mark' the woods to keep wild creatures at bay...
an old fella could use a nap then.

As a last note for the day.

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