Sunday, December 04, 2011

"Not Fond of Dogs" by Morris

So I'm resting on the couch after a hard day's hike ... and of course the napping duties in front of the heater that follow....

My other household duty is to 'hold down' the couch.
I look at it this way.
You never know when a couch may get up and want to move.

Besides, someone had left a pillow there...and a nice fleecy blanket...what better materials for a JRT nest?

...and then I heard the phone conversation.
Don't these folks know I understand most of what they are saying???

I heard HIM say to Grandson D that no MORRIS would not be coming. I could hear D complain and asky WHY?
[there is a trip to the Grandkid house today...I was so looking forward to it!]

Long pause.
Then HIM says. 'Well Great Grandma L isn't fond of dogs...'

Yup. I know Great G. L. She is the lady whose shoe I peed on when I was about 7 weeks old.
The only human ever to get her shoe peed on by me.

So...sigh. Today will be lonely as 'they' travel down to see MY Grandkids...who I may add ARE fond of me and I have NEVER peed on their shoes.

...and from what I am hearing ... SHE is planning a trip to see my best buddies in Kenosha soon. But SHE is taking a train. This means I'll be missing out on yet another visit.

I wonder why is it that some people are not 'Fond' of dogs?
What is it about us that is not to love.


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  1. Poor Morris...Cindy Sue feels bad for him...but the couch is heaven!