Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with 2011

Today is it. New Years Eve Day, 2011.
Yesterday we had a 'wintery mix' of precipitation.
I think that is the weather-person's way of saying...*Hey, something is going to happen, we're just not sure if it will be ice, rain, or snow!*

We had ice and we had rain...and then we had snow.

Today the forecasters are ominous.
They predict snow and harsh winds for late tonight. I mean the kind of winds that will blow you off the road...that is, if you can see the road because the wind will be blowing snow. Wind gusts up to 55mph!

Oh, let's not forget about the heavy fog this morning and glazing of ice on roads.

Although it did decorate plants with a beautiful 'hoar' frost.

But I must admit, this winter has been mild compared to last year. So I should be grateful.

Have I made any New Years Resolutions?

My only wish on this New Years Eve is that the snow and the harsh winds hold off until I am safely home and tucked into bed.
Then let 'er blow!

So from our house to yours:
...and let's not forget Morris also!

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  1. I love your house. It's EXACTLY what I want. We are hoping to sell our house soon and get back to one of the mountains or anywhere where we can buy a few acres. I hope your trip home is a safe one! Happy New Year, Val!