Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fractal Program Mandebulb 3D

If you enjoy fractals you will definitely enjoy this program called Mandebulb 3D. It can be downloaded from for free.

Warning...this program gets to be fun and addicting!
You'll want to explore the depths of fractals and the different formulas that go along with it.
I won't pretend to understand how this really works, but I have found video tutorials and blogs that would help anyone get started.
These are:
Mandebulb 3D Tutorial Part One a YouTube video by kitchedon.
Mandelbulb/Mandelbrot Tutorials a blog by Mandelwerk
Mandebulb 3D - Negative Tutorial by *Fiery Fire [at deviantArt]

Here is a screen shot of what the workspace looks like:

Looks intimidating and messy. But if you take time to look at the tutorials, it helps quite a bit.
You may spend quite a bit of time working on a fractal, only to decide it was nothing and not worth saving.

But. Then you get one fractal that simply slaps you up side the head and you know you've got a good one!

And don't be afraid to take it into a post processing program and add your own special touches.
For the fractal featured above I added 'mist'. I grabbed a photo that had clouds in it...
I selected it and dropped it on top of the fractal....
Then made the cloud photo black and white, changed the layer style to screen and decreased the opacity to about 33%. I used a rough brush to erase any place the 'mist' seemed to interfere with my fractal.

Here are a couple of other fractals I've stumbled through.
One of my first attempts:
Going wild with colors!
...and then experimenting with parameters:
The possibilities are endless.
And lastly, the program will also allow you to produce an animation. This is my first attempt which isn't very good I admit...

But there are some fantastic ones on YouTube:
They are simply amazing...

If you are creative, you'll enjoy this!

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