Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Sleeping Forest~

After making the 'Enchanted Forest~', I decided to make a follow up the the summer book. I decided to call it 'The Sleeping Forest~'...

After all, doesn't the Forest seem to go to sleep during the winter?
Yes, the plants may go dormant, but not the Forest itself. So much happens and it was a rather surprising and fun book to do.

So Why on Earth, would someone do something like this?

Well, my husband of course thinks I'm a 'great' writer and photographer.
I am neither.
But one day, I'll look back on these 'books' as memoirs or photographic journals and be rather pleased.
Many folk in my area own the 'Enchanted Forest' already, but that it because they enjoyed the common names that I labeled the wildflowers with.
It wasn't meant to be a field guide. Just more of something to enjoy looking at.

...and besides, I do so much enjoy writing and photography...so why not do it for myself?

If others happen to enjoy it, so be it!

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