Friday, December 09, 2011

An Amtrak Adventure

[La Crosse Train Station~so very much like I recall stations as a kid...the wooden benches and wide open spaces.]
[The Milwaukee Station. Modern, clean, comfortable]

Well the train trip did not exactly start off perfect.
There was a delay of 45 minutes which I was assured by other passengers...would be made up in time for me to make my connection in Milwaukee.

The trip itself was very relaxing and enjoyable. As I said, I did not have to worry about traffic, weather, or a mechanical breakdown.
The price was reasonable, and although it takes a bit longer than driving, it was not as stressful as driving!

However halfway through the trip the train had to stop and 'sensors' on an axle had to be checked.
After a second time, the conductor came over the speakers and said Amtrak had to follow Canadian-Pacific regulations and continue at 30 mph for 5 miles and then do a re-inspection of the axle.

I began to worry about making my train connection in Milwaukee.
As I stepped off the Empire Builder, I watched my connection leave.

Well, it isn't like I haven't had troubles before with traveling. Airplane routes are pretty notorious for getting screwed up.

As luck would have it, my son and his wife had planned on taking me out to eat in Milwaukee anyway.
So we decided I could wait for them at the station and not take the next train towards Kenosha.

I settled in with my laptop [yipee for Wi-Fi connections!] and had some very strong coffee from a station vendor.

I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and modern the train station-bus station was.

Would I do it again?
Oh sure I would!

...and by the way, Amtrak refunded the last leg of my trip back to me ... no grouchy ticket agent like those you sometimes get at airports!!!

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