Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spoiled Dog Lives Here ~ by Morris

Well that is what HE says.

SHE says I'm not spoiled, just privileged.
I like it when SHE takes naps on the couch.
That means she brings out her flannel covered pillow and this soft fleecy blanket and I usually snuggle my way into the deal.

SHE doesn't mind.
SHE says I'm like a live 'leg warmer'.

I like it even better if she leaves the blanket and the pillow[s] on the couch. Then I can make my own little JRT nest and ignore HIM!

Last night was so sweet.

SHE came down to sleep on the couch because SHE got her ribs hurt when HE gave her the big huge Bear Hug a few days ago.

The doctors said she didn't break a rib, but sprained all the
muscle stuff so it hurts to breath or do most things.

SHE called it an intercostal muscle strain ... says it is one of the worst strains you can have.

HE feels really really awful terrible bad. In fact HE even made her lunch two days in a row. That is amazing.

SHE says she will get better but sometimes she has to lay just a certain way and the couch supports her laying this funky way so that it doesn't hurt when she breathes.

ALL I know is that I am not in the dog house and am loving all the extra cuddle time.

I'd think HE'd be in the dog house you know?

After all, I've only licked her right in the face after eating nasty stuff...and yeah, I can be a pain. But I never strained her.

I do know however that when SHE let me out to do the 'business' this morning, we both were overjoyed at seeing the snow.

I'll bet HE won't let HER take me for a hike with her sprained muscle stuff.

I guess I'll just snuggle in the nice blankets and enjoy my cuddle time!

Life can be most excellent for a little dog!


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  2. I sure hope you're feeling better now. Poor Rich, he must've felt absolutely horrible!


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