Monday, December 26, 2011

Thor, the Funny Donkey

Meet Thor. Our funny, wise, silly, entertaining young Jack.

He is always ready to greet you.
The moment he hears the squeak of the back door [perhaps we should get it oiled?], he begins a long and continuous loud braying sound that would make anyone who has never been around donkeys cover their ears.

It could be a noise so awful as to make you think of fingernails screeching down the chalkboard.

We love donkeys and their screeching...or braying is music to my ears.
In the middle of the night you will hear Thor or any one of the donkeys answer with a loud bray to the coyotes calling in the hills around us.

How unfortunate I am.
Unfortunate...because I didn't have my camera!

The other day I watched quite amused while Thor picked up a stick as large as a baseball bat...and began playing with it.
He tossed it.
Retrieved it.
Then came over to his partially frozen water tub and stuck the stick in it.
I swear he was stirring his water!

I ran to the house and got my camera, switched it to video, and came out prepared to 'catch' Thor in the act.
Instead, he dropped the stick and trotted over to me.

Did I mention that I think Thor knows exactly what a camera is for?
He stood and pointed his ears, as if to pose.

Later, I glanced out the kitchen window and watched as Thor returned to his game with the stick.
He definitely is quite the character!


  1. Talented AND handsome!!

  2. LOL! I bet that was a sight to see. I hope you can catch Thor with video. He sounds like quite the character.


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