Sunday, November 27, 2011

Topaz Adjust 5 Review

Topaz Labs has come out with an improvement over the 'Adjust' Plug In. The new features are many. One of the best new features is the Apply Button~ shown with the red arrow.

Many new presets are on the left hand side. Browse through them and you'll find some fun ones and those presets that you've saved in Adjust 4.

A close up of the presets:

On the left side of the screen you'll find your adjustments as usual, but you have to 'click' on each one you'd like to use and open it up. It is easy to get used to.
Luckily, the new Topaz Adjust 5 has the APPLY button!

So if you are half way done 'adjusting' your photo, you can 'apply' the adjustment and then go on experimenting or working with it...
without ever leaving the Plug In.

If you use Apply and then adjust something further and really are unsatisfied with it, you can 'Reset All' and get back to your original adjustment.
This is a time saver for people like myself who are always experimenting.

Before Topaz Adjust 5:
After Topaz Adjust 5:
Probably not the best photo to demonstrate with, but you can get a faint idea of what you can do with a photo that isn't perfect to begin with.
I did post process this one for 'noise' issues afterwards, and added a touch of Topaz Simplicity just to smooth it out.

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