Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One man's junk is another man's treasure is how the saying goes.

Well today we were clearing the woods of downed wood from the 2007 storm [yes, still cleaning up the damage!] and I found the previous owner's junk pile.

I got some interesting photos of it while watching a pile of tree stumps and broken limbs burn...but unfortunately my data card had some sort of error on it.

Alas, I missed some creative opportunities to photo 'junk' in an artistic manner.

You would think a normal person would be disgusted at finding a 'dump' on their land.

I was amused that I found more than one sink and two water heaters in the pile, as well as springs to a couch [?] and a few rusty buckets as well as half of a toilet.
When my husband was purchasing this place, the previous owner had not yet installed a bathroom.

Of course to me it was an opportunity to pull out my pocket camera and experiment while keeping an eye on the bonfire.

Which of course reminds me.
There is plenty of 'cool' junk laying around on the farm. Not that one would like to admit it.
But yes, there is.

After all, my husband says he might need 'it' some day.
I'm wondering how a half toilet and some half buried sinks fit into that scenario.
Well you never know, it may be a true treasure after all.

Perhaps I can make it into some avant-garde art and become rich and famous.

It still looks like junk to me.

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