Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The End of the Laundry Blues

It should be said that the dryer is now fixed.
The belt is on it, and lo and behold...
the thing actually works!

Hubby and I turned the thing on and stood in quiet reverence for this magical mechanical thing that now worked again.

Yet I'm still hanging the laundry out.
I wonder why.

Well, all of the laundry that is, except for the underwear and socks.
You never know WHO might drop by and see all those panties and socks hanging in a row on the clothes line.

Although my reasoning for not worrying about it for the past 11 months has been probably attributed to the fact that we live on the end of a dead end road...

down a steep driveway that doesn't look safe for vehicles to travel...

Except for the socks and underwear thing [it dries my uniforms nicely...though], I really can't say that I missed it.

Perhaps it will come in handy on those days it seems to rain without end, or those mornings that it is -20 outside.
Yes, perhaps then again I can appreciate that miraculous thing we call a clothes dryer.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy the fresh scent of laundry hung out on the line.

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