Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Addicted!

Okay, so not like you think.

Fractal programs.

The ones above are a new program I discovered called Mandelbulb 3D. It is a very intimidating program when you first look at it, but as with Incendia and Apophysis 7X, you have to play and experiment.

Sometimes you get an image that isn't worth looking at after spending oodles of time with it.

Then sometimes I have combined Apophysis 7X with Incendia and mix them up in Elements or Photoshop.

So I have to admit.
Lately I've been finding myself going back to these programs quite often.
I can't seem to stop myself or help it.

I feel like a kid with a huge creative coloring pad at my disposal, only it is computerized.

Is it art?
Is it useful?
I have no idea, but I sure am enjoying my 'addiction'.

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