Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Deer, Oh Dear?

It is all about trust when your husband asks you to go out in the woods for him and jump the deer up for him ...

mind you, he has a big caliber rifle with a scope...that has tiny little crosshairs on it.

In fact he is probably the only person I'd do this for.

And, big sigh.
I'll take almost any excuse to wander around in the woods after not being out there for 5 days. Heck, I begin to suffer woods withdrawal.
So I'll put on all the brilliant orange and put on my 'big girl' panties...
and hike out a route hubby has selected for me.

This year he has selected a brand new outfit for me!

How special.
It is a nice tan Carhartt jacket and matching tan pants. Funny, I don't recall Carhatt putting a funny white tail on the pants!
Nor do I recall the hood having a pair of gleaming fake antlers.

Perhaps I should have second thoughts about walking about the woods and scaring up some nice deer for my husband.

Yah think?

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