Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day?

Okay so when did it get acceptable for people to start saying "Have a great Turkey Day!"?

I mean come on, what does that mean?

You are a Turkey?
You eat Turkey?

[not me, I prefer Lasagna...okay call me odd!]

So I 'Googled' it.

Turkey Day is slang, which I've figured. Who the heck came up with it? Some lazy person who didn't want to say Thanksgiving Day?
Even I've used that awful phrase, thinking it was hip.

Last night when someone told me to have a wonderful 'Turkey Day', I cringed and replied that he should have a nice Thanksgiving also.

I of all people of course should not lecture on the what Thanksgiving means. I do know that I wistfully think of family and meals...
chit chat...
someone needing a nap...
and everyone talking excited to be visiting with family members.

As a child Thanksgiving was a huge day for our family to get together. I recall trying to feed the yucky food to my cousin's dog.
I remember the smells, the smoke, the conversation that rumbled on between the adults.

And I remember that we couldn't wait to get outside and play.

It was Thanksgiving Day...

it certainly was NOT Turkey Day.

Have a good holiday and enjoy your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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