Friday, November 04, 2011

Combining Incendia and Apophysis 7X


Sometimes you just have to do some exploration. I've seen some fantastic fractals and 3D fractals come out of both Incendia and Apophysis 7X.

Not quite satisfied with just one program's results or the other, I have decided to see what can happen when you combine an Apophysis 7X flame and a creation by Incendia.
I combined both 'works' in Photoshop for Pipe Dreams and used some help from Flaming Pears Plug-In called 'Flood'.
For Twisted, I used layers to 'twist' and manipulate the original form I'd made in Incendia. I used the Mehdi Plug-In called 'Mirror'.

Pipe Dreams:

The results were quite fun.

I think these two creations are by far my new favorites and shall be for a while.
It will take some real creativity on my part to do something to 'top' these two.

Although, that is part of the great challenge isn't it?

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