Monday, February 02, 2009

Super what?

Someone told me there was a Super Bowl going on yesterday.
Due to our lack of TV [by choice], I wasn't aware that it was 'SuperBowl Sunday!'

The hype is way over rated in my opinion and so is TV. So I don't think we missed a thing.

We spent our Sunday instead, visiting with good friends from Iowa, meeting them for lunch and then taking a trip to Cabela's [one of my favorite stores].
I should stay away from there, we usually find something we absolutely cannot live without.

Hubby found a pair of Wolverine boots to replace his aging and cracked [15 yr old +] old ones. I also came home with a rifle.

I recieved a Rossi Trifecta Youth rifle. It is an interesting piece of work.
3 rifles in one.
A .410 shotgun.
A .22 LR
...and a .223.

The point is, it is built for a person my size and weight. The last few times I've been out with Morris we've been 'stalked' twice by coyotes.

Granted Coyotes love to grab little dogs and dispose of them as quick meals. Also during this time of year the 'yotes are very very territorial as it is their mating season.

Years ago, I had a coyote come pretty darn close to my female Fiest Terrier, Xena. She wasn't as easy to keep with me as Morris is.

I hope I am able to get out tomorrow and try the Trifecta out. I'd like to see how well I can do with it.
Hubby wanted to put a scope on it, but if I am carrying it 'bushwacking' and hiking, I don't want to worry about knocking around a scope.
Besides ~~open sites allow for a faster aim in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not just going out looking for critters or varmits to shoot. I think I've only shot 2 possum and scared off about 5 coyotes in the past few years.

But with all the hiking I do, hubby would be more comfy if I was carrying a rifle [he says,...that could reach out and touch...].
Never mind that I have a nice pistol.

But it is my very first rifle of MY own. That is pretty cool.
So I should be off in the woods tomorrow.
Work today!

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