Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ride like the wind...

Meet Opal. 24 yrs old. A surly molly mule who dislikes most people, hates getting caught, is ear shy, and has the best danged running walk around.

She is like riding a small tornado.
No she doesn't spin [unless you lay the reins across her neck and ask her to].

But she rides like a dream once you look past her 'issues'.

She is and has been my husband's mule for years, but I've started taking her out once in a while.
Today I needed her surefooted-ness.

The melting and freezing of last week has created icy compacted snow on the hillsides...and I wanted to ride without getting in trouble.

Opal rarely goes slow and she isn't one to just mosey down the trail. She seems to walk a trail with a purpose and a bit of vengeance.

To her credit, we never missed a beat. We got into some tough ravines and crossings but she didn't slip or slide.

She made short work of the long valley we rode through, her feet popping high in the deep snow of the back valley.

On the road, she turned on her powerful running walk.
I think she actually liked it when I brushed out and cooled her down.

She didn't say thank you...

She didn't even give me a loving look.

She seemed to tolerate me, and with the knowledge of a wise ol' mule; walked quietly by my side until I released her in her pasture.....

Where she promptly found the dirtiest spot she could...

and rolled.

Wow what a great day.

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  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I'm going to sound like a mother here but could you not ride something that could hurt you and all the newly repaired body parts.

    You are a brave and strong woman. Now stop it.


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