Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I miss...

I miss Hawaii.

Today while cleaning the house, I pulled out the photo album of the trip that dad and I took to Hawaii in 2001.

On page one of Dad's album, there are Dad's ticket stubs. I stared at them a long time before flipping to the album itself.

I must admit, I enjoyed looking at the album again, slowly turning the pages and recalling the highlights of our trip together.

The comments from Dad:

Are we there yet?

I'm hungry.

The words echoed in my head~~~ in his voice of course~~~ bringing a smile to my lips. So I began to think about Hawaii.
And I began to think about going back.

I'd go with cameras in hand. I've learned much in the past 8 years about photography. But it isn't just that...Dad and I talked about going back again together.

Yep, we did.
On that trip Dad coached me, gave me tips to take better photos. [Every single time I hold a camera -- especially a SLR -- I feel connected with Dad]

So yeah, when I go back, the cameras go with me.

Why do I want to go back?
Do I really need a reason to visit the place where I was so happy as a kid?
Do I really need a reason to go back to reminisce and have an adventure at the same time?

Not in my mind.

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