Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Well sometimes folks are sort of suspicious about this thing called Friday the 13th.

We are supposed to have three of them this year.

My morning started out very odd. I had a sense of 'weirdness' as soon as I got into my car to go to work.

My car had frozen into the mud. When I parked last night I was in slop, mucky yucky slop.
Over night it became frozen solid.

On the drive to work, I avoided two raccoon, one deer, and a dog running down the highway.
No black cats, but one bald eagle did swoop down in front of my car~now that was definitely strange but also very cool.

We all commented at work at how strange our mornings had gone. And until noon, it continued to be an out of 'whack' sort of day.
I'm not attributing it to a superstitious thing about the 13th...but...well...

I guess I look at it this way.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

Now, I don't really 'celebrate' the day as I think it is too commercialized, and if you love that special person, why not just show them daily right?
I do.
...and he does~~he makes me feel special every day.

But I do have a very funny story about Valentine's Day.

I'll share it tomorrow.

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