Saturday, February 07, 2009

A dog walk

I decided about 11am to get out and take a hike while the sun was shining and hopefully I'd feel like taking a nap 'pre~sleep' before a midnight to 8am shift.
I still have a hard time preparing for these kinds of shifts.
My body says NO, but I usually do just fine...and crash the next day.

Anyway I thought it would be a fun time to try out a little underwater shot.
I was surprised at how my first attempts in the 'field' turned out.

The first is the bottom of the creek. You can see the leaves breaking down. With the wild rushing waters of the snow melt they will be washed out to the valley creating a healthy compost.

The second is of a rock.
The reflection above it the underside of the surface of the water.
Well the blogs this week have not exactly been rip roaring interesting. But my schedule has been a bit 'brutal' as far as time goes.

Our normal work week ends on Thursday.
I'm still a Monday thru Friday type of gal.
From Monday through Sunday I will have worked 46 hours.
But see, I'm not complaining really. I enjoy it. Just have to get my rest in!

The walk worked though!
[both Morris and I took a very very long afternoon nap!]
We slogged through knee deep damp snow.
Morris and I got wet.
We both broke through the ice in the creek bottom in a few places that where covered with snow!

I had a most wonderful walk.
Life is too short not to take moments to go out and play.

Oh yeah...the Window Fairy came by and washed the windows!
Whoo Hoo!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning and two days off.

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