Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stupid dog tricks...

It was snowing, blowing, and just generally grey outside yesterday. I had such BIG plans which ...well..


went to pot.

Instead I made Morris pose with my hat and scarf on ...
Yeah, stupid, but sometimes when you have nothing better to do [oh, I was doing laudry!], you
think of fun
things to do.

Do you have any idea at all how hard it is to get a Jack Russell to actually hold still?
If he is awake, he is moving.

So this was quite a feat.

However, it was short lived when he decided that I was boring him....
at which point he became a 'boneless' Jack Russell.
And fell limply to the couch.

So I took Morris's advice.

And took a nap.

Just one last note...
I have to go now, Morris is convinced that the blurry reflection of himself in the west window is about to attack.

Gotta love my entrainment, it is cheap.

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