Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grumpy Pants.

Okay a friend of mine coined that phrase.

Grumpy Pants. [her blog here: How I See It]

That's who I am this morning.

That is what happens when two coon hounds keep you up from 2AM on and you have to get up at 4AM.
So why do they magically shut up when I get going around the house and take my shower???

OH they haven't shut up...they are still going...
Perhaps it is because of the Red Fox pair we saw the other morning. I think they are making a den somewhere close by and the female was in 'season', so perhaps that is a reason.

Never - the - less. It is going to make for a VERY long 11 hour shift today.

What really makes me a Grumpy Pants?

My other half sleeps soundly through this racket and even had the audacity to snore!
I wore earplugs and heard it all.

I'm Grumpy.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    It's okay to be grumpy once in a while as you are the most upbeat person all the time.

    I've been here reading just moving a bit in delayed time right now.


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