Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tessy adventures continued...

Monday I was in for the shocker of my life! The Grannma and the Grannpa left me and Morris home all day while they went fishing. The nerve of some humans!

The Grannma showed us a really ugly cat when they got home. The Grannma said it was a Cat Fish. I've never heard of such a thing. Then imagine my surprise when they decided they would eat it!

Me and Morris really liked the smell of the fishy heads and icky stuff from inside the fish, but the Grannma went and buried it.
Can you believe it? They went to the Berthie house and ate fishies.

Last night we slept on each side of the Grannma. You know, got to keep her warm on these nice summer nights. She snored, she claims I snored too.

I wouldn't go with her this morning to water mule monsters. She got close to the water pump thing where I got a bath!!!
I hope she takes us back to the creek again today. I liked playing in the woods. I love climbing the downed trees.

Me and Morris are big helpers, we even helped pick beans this is nap time. Morris is passed out upstairs and I am sleeping on the couch.

My mom and dad humans are supposed to be coming back soon. I want to take Morris home with me. He is a great squeak toy.

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